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Algilà Luxury Apartment Firenze 

Apartments in the historic center of Florence.


Luxury Torrigiani

Lungarno Torrigiani

Luxury Torrigiani


Florentine elegance manifests itself to the eye of the beholder and comes alive in the furnishings and style of Algilà Firenze.

Luxury Torrigiani is a townhouse, built in the 18th century, located in the beating heart of the city, and hosts 14 luxury apartments, from which you can admire the Uffizi Gallery,  Ponte Vecchio and the dome of the Florence Cathedral.

Lifestyle Tornabuoni, is located in the exclusive shopping and pedestrian area of the city center and hosts 9 premium apartments, from which you can be just few steps away from the city’s buzz.


Florence's elegance, attention to detail and materials.

The apartments offer the freedom and privacy of a private home, combined with the comfort and services of a hotel accommodation.

The particularity of the furnishings, inspired by classical Florentine taste and revisited in a modern key, make the atmosphere unique, while functionality is the real strong point of each apartment.

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Florence and Tuscany: world famous

Get ready to immerse yourself in the cradle of Italian culture! Florence presents wonderful opportunities to learn about the history of Dante and a thousand other artists, with its neighborhoods steeped in tradition and its world-famous cuisine.


Florence would deserve an extra lifetime for in-depth knowledge, but even a three day stay can be enough to make you fall in love with it.

Discover the world of Algilà Collection

Algilà Firenze is part of an entirely Italian hotelier group with a passion for telling stories of Italian and foreign cities, reflecting the authenticity and hospitality typical of Italian culture.


Astoria Genova



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Algilà Ortigia




Algilà Fès Riad Medina



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